Protection Against Unjust Treatment Done in Jail

Human Rights are entitled to every person in this world. Similarly, the prisoners who are going under
the trial or those who are convicted for offences also have prisoners’ rights which are preserved for them.
Under the Indian constitution, Article 21 and 22 provide protection for offenders who are undertrial.
The right to a speedy trial is the right to life for prisoners, which is guaranteed under Article 21 of the
Indian Constitution.

What Society Wants?

To that goddess who abides in all beings as power, salutations to thee, to that goddess who abides in all
beings as peace, salutations to thee.
Whenever the issues arise about women empowerment, this is the first phrase we equate to, and this is the
first standard we want to achieve, but there is an order side of the coin. The moment a girl is raped, society
stands to ask what she was wearing, where was she, what was the time she was out, with whom she
was moving…and so on.