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The Hoot Welfare Society is a Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India based non-profit organization with a chartered vision of supporting and nurturing meaningful communication through interdisciplinary social and cultural projects. We provide opportunities for creativity and community-based innovation and aim for collective impact with each project.

Society is opening the “Call for Blogs” opportunity on the theme mentioned below to deliver unique views on a particular field of law. Students pursuing law from any university are welcome to submit their blogs.


The blogs can be presented on any of the themes below.

1. COVID-19: A HALT IN THE LIFE OF STUDENTS- The pandemic hit not only India but the whole world drastically and brought a halt to the life. It has a dramatic effect on overall sectors and once well said “passed times never come again”. We can expect the deterioration in other sectors to be refurbished but the loss to education cannot be ever recovered. With this thought in mind, pin down your views over the issues as to why the education sector cannot handle the situation despite the options of online education or how can we move forward towards returning to the pre-pandemic phase.

2. THE NEED OF ANTI-CONVERSION LAWS- Today several states are burning over the issue of religious conversion taking place. It’s not so that every kind of conversion is unlawful and unethical but forceful conversion due to political or local pressure in a secular country as India where we follow the principle of “Vashudhev Kutumbakam” is highly disheartening. The focal point lies in the fact that religion is still the main concern of people and not humanity. A view over various aspects of religious conversions and the need for laws are welcomed here.   

3. PROCRASTINATION AND ENVIRONMENT- The worsening situation of the environment is no news to anyone. India particularly has been a viewer of heat waves, floods, cyclones, etc. at an increasing pace which all is the result of climate change. Even though measures can be taken, humans have always tried to find reasons to avoid engaging in solutions to the problem- mainly due to economical development. Pin down your ideas about recent deforestation decisions of government and economic development.

4. RIGHT TO LIFE OF ANIMALS- Recently we have heard and read the circumstances that arose after the Kerala High Court decided to take the suo-moto charges for protecting the lives of animals. This is not the first incident where we are witnessing such a level of cruelty to animals. Should the life of animals be protected in the same way as that of humans and more attention needs to be drawn? 

Authors are free to choose any sub-themes.

Submission Guidelines:

1. Body Font- Times New Roman Size- 12, Footnotes Font- Times New Roman Size 10

2. Text should be justified.

3. Minimum word count excluding footnotes- 1000

4. Bluebook 20th Edition should be followed for citations.

5. Plagiarism, not more than 20% shall be allowed.

6. Submit the blog to submit@hoot.org.in with the subject: “Blog submission_ Name of Manuscript”. The body of the mail should consist of

Name of Author:



Name of Institution:

Name of Article:

7. Author is directed to submit the manuscript along with the duly signed Declaration of Originality and Copyright.

8. No personal details of the author should be mentioned in the manuscript.

9. The last date to submit the blog is 31st August 2021.

For detailed guidelines, click here.

Contact Details:

For any further queries write to us at submit@hoot.org.in  

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