SMRITI is a part of the Hoot Welfare Society that works in the field of environmental nourishment. Our NGO is dedicated to the awareness of people and others around us to understand the importance of environmental protection.

The environment has always been a matter of concern. Environment protection is also the priority of society. Thus to fulfil this objective, we also create awareness programmes in the field of the environment. We focus on conserving plants and trees rather than planting because it takes more to save than to produce.

Following are some of the works done in the field of environment.

  1. Event on Plant Conservation: The main focus of our NGO in the nature of the environment is Conservation. On 8th August, 2019, our team planted various trees in Lucknow. 

2.      Save the Sparrow Initiative: On 22nd April, 2020, our team initiated the event to save the sparrows. The volunteers come forward to save the sparrows by feeding and drinking them.

3.      Environment Day: On 5th June, 2020, we celebrated Environment Day by planting trees in Lucknow.

Van Mahotsav Week: On 5th July, 2020, we celebrated Van Mahotsav Week by spreading awareness about the environment.

5.       Celebrated our 1st Anniversary by planting Trees: On 9th September, 2020, we completed our one year of incorporation. On this occasion, we planted various trees

6.      15th September, 2020 creating awareness by Wall Painting: On 15th September, 2020, we spread awareness about cleanliness by wall painting.