SWARAJ is one of the domains of the Hoot Welfare Society which provides various opportunities for the student nourishment where a student can enhance their knowledge. Under this domain, we offer internship opportunities; strengthen research skills, analytical and critical thinking skills, presentation and communication etc. Students whose interests are in socio-contemporary matters are preferred. SWARAJ is the Research & Development wing of the Hoot Welfare Society.

In the recent past, we have provided various internships such as – Content Writing Internship, Project Internship, and Volunteer Internship to the students. The students were required to submit three contents on any Socio-contemporary Issues or any Constitutional topic; the editorial team checked the articles. Then, the articles were sent back to the students for ramifications; this is how they learnt from this internship. Under the project internship, the students were assigned tasks such as providing Free Legal Aid to any person & they were required to submit a report on the works done in their areas. Under the Volunteer Internship, the students were assigned to survey the common issues, the people face in society. Here is the report submitted by one of the interns under the Project internship.

We aim to provide all the possible opportunities and research work to the students who can learn and gain experience through our support. We actively seek to involve ourselves in Research and Development related works. After almost one and a half year of our journey, we have launched our half-yearly e-journal, ‘The Exordium: Journal of Socio-Contemporary Issues’. It has been started with an initiative to fill a void existing in the domain by exposing the discipline to learning about and from INDIA that could enrich the field in a progressive direction.